Time to start ordering seeds

Is there anything more exciting to a gardener than ordering seeds? Well, that's what I've started doing and I'm having a hard time containing my enthusiasm.

The snow may be falling outside my window right now but it's springtime inside my head. I've been compiling my list of new veggies to try and delightful flowers to add to my flower beds.

My first seed order just went to Renee's Garden Seeds, where I'll be trying 'Musica' Spanish heirloom pole beans, 'Little Jade' Napa cabbage, 'Beet and Chard mix' greens, 'Crispy Colors Duo' kohlrabi (a first for my garden), colorful 'Stardom' lettuces, 'Corno di Toro mix' peppers, container-sized 'Astia' zucchini, 'Salad Leaf' basil and 'Dukat' long-standing dill. A repeat from last year, 'Italian Pompeii' paste tomatoes easily earned a place in this year's garden as well thanks to their high productivity.

The flowers I've ordered include 'Dancing Petticoats' heirloom Cosmos, 'Scarlett O'Hara' morning glory, 'Cup of Sun' nasturtiums and 'Raspberry Sorbet' zinnias. Can't you just picture a warm summer's day with these beautiful flowers vying for your attention?