2012 vegetable varieties

When my first column of the season ran on Sunday, the formatting of the different vegetable variety names that appeared in an information box had been changed from the way I had submitted it.

This made it difficult to read through and understand which vegetable varieties I'll be growing in my garden this year. I've since been contacted by some of my Master Gardener colleagues, asking me to clarify which varieties they are. I've also had requests for the sources of those seeds.

Here is a list of the veggies. You will note there is a number after each variety which corresponds with a source list at the bottom of this post. For example, if you see a variety with a (1) after it, that means the seeds came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. There is a direct link to the web sites for each of these sources in the list.

If you have any questions, either post a comment below or drop me an e-mail at inthegarden@live.com and I'll be happy to help you out. Oh, and yes, I'm growing a lot of veggies but it's so much fun!

Artichoke - 'Green Globe' (2)
Basil - 'Salad Leaf'  (5), 'Lettuce Leaf' (1)
Beans, Pole - 'Italian Pole' (6), 'Spanish Musica'  (5), 'Smeraldo' (3)
Beets - 'Red, Gold and Candy Stripe' (5); 'Bull's Blood' (2), 'Chioggia' (2)
Cabbage - 'Early Jersey Wakefield'  (2), 'Little Jade Baby Napa' (5)
Carrots - 'Bolero Nantes' (5), 'Chantenay' (2)
Corn - 'Stowell's Sweet' (6), 'Luscious' (4)
Dill - 'Dukat Leafy' (5)
Eggplants - 'Asian Trio' (5), 'Italian Trio' (5), 'Violetta Lunga' (3)
Kohlrabi - 'Crispy Colors Duo' (5)
Leeks - 'Prizetaker' (6)
Onions, garlic and shallots
Parsnips - 'Andover' (2)
Peppers - 'Corno di Toro' mix (5), 'Jewel-Toned Bells' (5), 'Corno Giallo' (3)
Pumpkins - 'New England Pie' (2), 'Spookie Deep Sugar' (2), 'Rouge Vif d'Etampes' (1)
Radishes - 'Purple Plum' (2), 'French Breakfast' (5)
Salad greens - 'Garden Babies Butterhead' (5), 'Wasabi Arugula' (5), 'Stardom' mix (5), 'Renee's Braising' mix (5)
Squash, Summer - 'Romanesco Zucchini' (5), 'Astia Container Zucchini' (5)
Squash, Winter - 'Compact Early Butternut and Delicata' (5), 'Sweet Dumpling' (4), 'Red Kuri' (4), 'Sweet Meat' (2)
Swiss Chard - 'Rainbow Blend' (2), 'Scarlet Charlotte' (5)
Tomatoes - 'Pompeii' (5), 'Stupice' (5), 'Sungold' (2)

Seed sources:
1 - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (www.rareseeds.com)
2 - Ed Hume Seeds (humeseeds.com)
3 - Seeds from Italy (www.seedsofitaly.com)
4 - Johnny's Selected Seeds (www.johnnysseeds.com)
5 - Renee's Garden Seeds (www.reneesgarden.com)
6 - Seeds of Change (www.seedsofchange.com)