Houseplant TLC

Before the outdoor gardening season really gets going, take the time to give your houseplants a little tender loving care.

This is a perfect time to re-pot them and tidy them up by trimming off dead or unsightly leaves and treat them to fresh potting soil. That's what I worked on for much of today. It can be a bit of a chore but I know it's good for the plants and it makes our indoor decor look a bit fresher.

I bought some cute ceramic pots at Lowe's today for $2.99 each. They come in cheerful solid colors and coordinating stripes. They are 5" in diameter and about 4 3/4" tall -- perfect for re-potting some of my smaller African Violets.

I also picked up a potted Majesty palm at Home Depot and even though I paid about $19 for it, I actually got two for the price of one because there were two plants in the pot. I was concerned they'd get too crowded if I left them together so carefully removed them and gently pulled them apart. Now that they're each in their very own ceramic pot, they look terrific!

Consider picking up a new houseplant or two for your home -- they add so much character and one of the best reasons to grow them is because they purify our air.