Stylish gardening

There's no reason why we can't be stylish while we're outside playing in the dirt, right? And to help you in your quest to look fabulous, here are 2 items you should know about:

1. Cool garden boots: I recently bought these from L.L. Bean because I couldn't resist the design. Besides, I had a $10 gift card from a previous purchase that was burning a hole in my pocket!

I opted for the green and blue ones, but there are 2 other cute color choices. They're very durable, come up to mid-calf height and are quite comfy. To check them out, go here.

2. Snazzy kneeler/bench: Anyone who has come to one of my garden talks, or read my columns, knows that I am absolutely crazy about my kneeler/bench. It folds down flat for storage. If you open it up into a U-shape, you can kneel on it. If you flip it over, it's a bench. I primarily use mine as a kneeler and the reason I love it is because you use your arms to lower yourself onto the kneeler and to raise yourself back up off it. If that doesn't save your thighs and hips during a long day of gardening, nothing will!

Now the reason I'm pointing this out to you is because, in the past, kneeler/benches have only come in orange (that's what I have, ho hum) or green. Well, it turns out that Gardener's Supply now carries them in a fabulous deep purple. Woohoo! So if you haven't picked one up yet and style is everything to you, check these out. You are sure to be the envy of your neighbors and gardening buddies.

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