Veggie garden update

I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather today. We accomplished a lot in our veggie garden and I thought you might like to have a quick update.

My husband Bill and I prepared the soil in 5 raised beds for planting cool-season crops. The soil is just right for working with: not too wet, not too dry. We had put a layer of compost on each bed last fall so it was easy to lightly incorporate that into the soil.

Once that was taken care of, we put the soaker hoses in place so we won't have to disturb the seedlings in each bed later to do that.

Next, I planted lettuce ('Marvel of the Four Seasons,' 'Red Sails,' 'Garden Babies Buttercrunch,' 'Stardom Landscape') and radishes ('Purple Plum' and 'French Breakfast') in the first bed. Swiss Chard ('Scarlet Charlotte' and 'Rainbow Blend') and beets ('Jewel-Toned') went into the next bed.

Another bed now has a row planted with kohlrabi ('Crispy Colors Duo') and will eventually have cabbage ('Early Jersey Wakefield') and Baby Napa cabbage planted in the two other rows. I planted the cabbage seeds indoors a couple of weeks ago and am waiting for them to get just a bit larger before planting them outside. And it turns out the Napa cabbage is supposed to be planted after the danger of frost has passed so I'll start them indoors tomorrow so they can get about 4 weeks of growth in before that time.

I also planted carrots ('Royal Chantenay') and parsnips ('Harris Model') in another bed. I'm going to do a separate posting about that later because of the different planting method I'm trying out this season.

One of the other beds we prepared today will have peas growing in it in a week or so. I've started them indoors in order to get a better germination rate. I should have started them a little earlier than I did, but the time got away from me. (hey, that happens to us all, right?)

The beds with the lettuce, radishes, carrots and parsnips, are covered with netting to keep the birds from nibbling the seed sprouts. You can see the hoops over one of the beds in the photo above which are what the netting is resting on.

The beds with Swiss Chard, beets and cabbage are each covered with floating row covers to keep insects off the plants. Chard and beets are susceptible to leaf miners and cabbage-family crops are nearly always targets of aphids and green cabbage loopers, so the floating row covers will keep the bugs at bay.

I planted onion starts ('Walla Walla Sweet,' 'Big Daddy' and 'Copra') about a week ago so they are still in the process of becoming established. My husband planted garlic last fall and the plants are already about 4" tall.

So that's what's happening in the veggie garden as of today. I plan to plant some basil and those Napa cabbage seeds indoors tomorrow. And I will start the pole beans and corn seeds indoors in about 2 weeks.

It sure is exciting to have the vegetable garden under way!