Great annuals - Cosmos

If you look at the photo and not at the title of this post, you might think you're looking at a Dahlia or a Chrysanthemum of some sort.

Actually, it is Cosmos 'Dancing Petticoats' which is a mix of different types of Cosmos including 'Seashells' and 'Psyche.' Isn't this one a beauty? I really like their lacy foliage and the blossoms make good cut flowers.

The seeds came from Renee's Garden Seeds ( and I started them indoors several weeks ago. And talk about overachievers -- I moved them into my little unheated greenhouse a few weeks ago, so they could acclimate to the weather and bright sunlight. Well, by the time I felt it would be safe to plant them outdoors, they were already 16" tall and starting to bloom!

I now have a nice little "stand" of Cosmos of various shades of pink and purple in one of my back perennial beds and am looking forward to enjoying them all summer long.