May 13 column

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

Here is a link to my column that ran in today's edition of The Spokesman-Review: Pesticide-free orchard worth the additional effort. It's an update on how my husband Bill and I are growing our apples organically as well as a sneak peek into an experiment to grow cherries organically that we're trying this year.

I know these efforts will seem like a lot of trouble to many of my readers and that's OK -- I completely get that. However, we really don't want to have to use pesticides if we can avoid them, so that's why we're going to all of this trouble. And to be honest, it's not that much trouble. It's just fun to try to outsmart some of the nasty insects out there who have their beady little eyes on the fruit that we so lovingly grow.

I'll keep you posted on how the cherry experiment goes.