The peonies are in bloom!

So there I was, heading out to the garden to plant some herbs. But once I saw that some of our peonies had started blooming, I had to retrace my steps and grab the camera so I could share a little of their beauty with you.

I rarely tease an upcoming column but this is quite timely: this Sunday, my feature story on growing peonies will run in the Today section. I interviewed Alan Tower of Tower Perennials for the story as he's a respected authority on the  subject. As a matter of fact, this peony is one that I purchased at Tower 2 or 3 years ago. As you can see, it's a beauty. I noticed our honeybees were busily gathering pollen from each and every flower.

I hope you'll enjoy reading about peonies on Sunday. Oh, and yes, I did eventually get the herbs planted!