Garden update

Wondering how my veggie garden is doing? Well, it's probably doing about the same as yours is.

As you can see, I do practice what I preach when it comes to protecting my plants with floating row covers. Although this is just crazy, considering the fact that it's June 7th! Ordinarily, there would just be a few beds with covers on them but every time I hear the lows could dip down into the 30s, I panic and break out the covers again.

On a more positive note, our pole beans (which are growing on the arbor to the right -- click on the photo to view a larger image) are now about 4 feet tall. I'm so glad nothing has gotten frosted but am very ready for the rain and wind to stop and to see the temperatures start to rise again. I hope your garden is hanging in there and that you haven't lost anything. It has to get better soon, right?