Cool pots

I've been meaning to tell you about some cute pots you can pick up at Lowe's Hardware for $2.99. Aren't they nice? They come in a variety of solid colors and stripes, and the price is reasonable which makes it easy to spruce up your houseplants.

These African Violets are all in bloom right now. Perhaps they're rewarding me for giving them new homes in such cute pots! I've been going with a bit of a green theme in our guest room so these pots were just perfect.

You can find the pots in the nursery area, in a small display near the rest of the pots. These particular ones have the saucer already attached. I can't recall seeing them in a larger size but these ones are both 4 1/2" in diameter and height.

Oh, and even if you don't need any new pots, wouldn't a small houseplant in one of these pots make a nice gift?