Great containers

This season, I have been trialing some new plants that Proven Winners sent me. They will be introducing them into the market in spring 2013 and boy is it fun to see what's new! One of them is the Supertunia 'Watermelon Charm' which is pictured above (front right). Isn't that a great color?

I've combined it in this large container with two other new introductions, Coleus Colorblaze 'Marooned' (see second photo for a shot of the back of the pot) and Lantana 'Luscious Berry Blend.' This Coleus is one of the most robust ones I've ever grown and I'm crazy about the colors in the Lantana blossoms. You'll frequently see Lantanas in containers and I think they look great.

In the center of the pot, I planted Purple Fountain Grass which is grown as an annual here since it isn't hardy enough to make it through our winters. I just love the soft purple spikes on this plant. The other two plants in the container are a Marguerite daisy and a Calibrachoa, or Superbells which aren't new introductions.

When I was putting this container together two months ago, I felt like I was going outside of my comfort zone with this blend of colors but I think it all works well together. You'll notice that I really crammed a lot of plants into the pot but that's the best way to create a winning combination that will really stand out. There actually are only five plants in this container but you can see how vigorously they're growing! Remember that you can click on the photos to see large images.

What's great about the Supertunias and Superbells is that they don't need to be deadheaded. In years past, I've had hanging baskets of different kinds of petunias and it seemed like I was continually removing the spent flowers which is a pretty tedious job. I knew I needed to do it to keep the plants blooming but I sure didn't like doing it! These Supertunias and Superbells basically deadhead themselves -- I like that in a plant.

I'll be writing about some of the other new introductions soon so stay tuned...