Adventures with kohlrabi

Doesn't this look like a veggie from another planet? This is a purple kohlrabi, which is something I've never grown before. I got the seeds from Renee's Garden and the type I'm growing is called 'Crispy Colors Duo' so it's a mix of purple ones and green ones.

They're not a root crop because the fleshy stem -- which sure looks like a root crop to me -- grows above the soil surface.

I harvested this particular kohlrabi a few days ago and then stared at it for a few minutes, trying to figure out what in the world you do with it! After doing a Google search on "kohlrabi recipes," I decided to eat some of it raw, in a marinade.

According to my research, you have to peel the kohlrabi twice in order to get down to the more tender yet crispy center. One article I read said that you really need to do this because even if you were to boil or steam them, those tough outer layers will never get tender.

Anyway, I finally stopped trimming layers off it, cut it into little strips and marinated them in a vinaigrette. And they were quite tasty. Some folks say it tastes a bit like broccoli but I found it to have a pretty mild taste with a pleasingly crispy-crunchy texture.

If you have any recommendations for ways to prepare kohlrabi, let me know. I think the possibilities are probably endless and intend to do some experimenting. Isn't it fun trying new things?