Pea soup recipe

Even though this was a hot day, we just had soup for dinner. I know that sounds crazy but we have been harvesting a lot of peas lately and I have a terrific pea soup recipe that is so easy to make.

The recipe came from the Stoneyfield Farms web site and is called Spring Pea Soup. It's not a split pea soup but rather one that is made from fresh or frozen peas. You wouldn't believe how quick it is to make!

You just sautee onions and garlic, add in the peas, some stock and bay leaves and let it simmer for a mere 5 minutes. Then you puree it and add in a cup of plain yogurt. Oh, and if you're wondering how many peas are in a 10-ounce package of frozen peas (which is what the recipe calls for), it's about 2 cups.

So if you're harvesting peas these days, it's a great recipe to make. I think you could eat it cold, too. The flavor is out of this world.