Tomato harvest time

We've been picking a few tomatoes every so often but today marks the first day that I can say we're actually harvesting tomatoes. What you're seeing in the large bowl is a whole bunch of 'Stupice' and 'Amsterdam' tomatoes. 'Stupice' are small slicing tomatoes and 'Amsterdams' are a red pear tomato.

Bill and I plan to turn them into sauce and will probably just freeze it, since it won't be a large enough quantity to bring out the canning jars just yet.

The 'Stupice' tomatoes are plentiful and were the earliest to ripen but I wish the tomatoes were a little larger. Fortunately, we have a bunch of 'Italian Pompeii' paste tomatoes that are just starting to turn color, and they are much larger. We're also picking 'Sungold' cherry tomatoes and 'Solid Gold' grape tomatoes.

I tell ya, just one bite of a homegrown tomato is enough to remind us why we go to the trouble of growing them each year! It's so worth it.