Fall veggies

Are you still harvesting goodies from your veggie garden? It's so nice to be able to extend the growing season a bit by planting an extra crop of salad greens or vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard.

I just harvested this bowl of Swiss chard for tonight's dinner. We've actually been growing it all season long but had to keep it under a layer of floating row cover because leaf miners will ruin the leaves in short over. But now that the weather is chilly, I don't have to worry about any insect pests so off came the cover and we've been harvesting it regularly. Often, the Swiss chard will make it through the entire winter but it depends on how severe our weather is.

We also left the rest of the beets in the bed because they'll be fine out there until the ground freezes solid.

I did plant a late crop of leaf lettuce about a month ago and enjoy picking it every few days. You would think our hard frosts would've wiped it out but it looks great.

My husband Bill also planted some spinach seeds a couple of weeks ago but we're not sure if it will sprout in time. We figured it was worth a try, though.

What are you growing out in the garden right now?