Frost alert!

Most of you have probably head that our nighttime temps will be getting down into the 30s for the next 3 nights or so, but I thought I should post something just in case you haven't.

We live in an outlying area so any time I see 30s in the forecast, I know the garden is going to get frosted. Oh well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. There will be strong winds as well, so if you have any ripe fruit that could get knocked down and bruised, you might want to get them picked.

We harvested the rest of our tomatoes today and are storing the green ones in the basement which is an easy way to get them to ripen. I've got most of the winter squash and pumpkins in the greenhouse so they can "cure" for a couple of weeks before going to the basement for long-term storage.

My husband Bill also picked the last of the peppers and eggplants so there isn't much left in the garden to cover for the next few nights. And we've got a big kettle of chunky Gravenstein applesauce on the stove so things are looking good.