Oct. 7 column

Here is a link to my final column of the 2012 garden season, which ran in today's edition of The Spokesman-Review: Time is ripe to give final grades on garden.

I decided to devote this column to reporting on how the vegetable varieties we grew this year performed because I'm frequently asked about it. I'd have to give the veggie garden a B+ this year, which is pretty darned good considering the fact that our weather was awfully chilly and damp in the spring and early summer.

I believe most of the warm-season crops grew well for us because I kept them warm under floating row covers for the first part of the season. I removed the covers once the plants started blooming. I really think this has made a difference and intend to do it again next year.

By the way, in case you think the photo above is showcasing squash and pumpkins I've grown this year -- as well as the photo that ran with my column in the paper today -- you can rest assured I didn't grow that many! I took the photos while we were visiting this old farm store in Maine because they had such cool displays. I wish you could've been there, too, to see all of the pumpkins.

It has been an enjoyable year of writing about my passion for gardening. If you have any feedback you'd like to give, or suggestions for future columns, please drop me a note at inthegarden@live.com or comment on this post. I'd love to hear how your garden grew year as well.

Stay tuned to this blog throughout the fall and winter for more gardening news and information.