Message for my blog followers

I was unaware that this blog was set up by default to use "word verification" whenever any of my readers wanted to comment on a post.

What's word verification, you ask? That's the distorted-looking letters and numbers that you are asked to type into a box before your comment can be published, so that the web site knows you are an actual person and not some spam program.

I didn't even realize it was enabled for my blog until a reader asked me to disable it since the letters were often too difficult to read so she frequently couldn't post comments. I can see where that would be extremely annoying. I have disabled it and am wondering if that's why there have been fewer comments on my posts over the past few months.

So, if you have avoided sharing your thoughts in the comment box on various posts for this very reason, please give 'er a try again because I really do appreciate it when blog followers add to the discussion! Thank you, and my apologies for this little problem.