Renee's Garden Seeds catalog

I've just finished perusing the online catalog for Renee's Garden Seeds and am very excited about what I'll be growing in the coming gardening season.

Renee's seeds can be ordered online or by mail, or purchased at local garden centers like Northwest Seed & Pet. Renee's Garden sells vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

What I'm excited about is the fact that she has expanded their offerings of organic and heirloom seeds this year. I've ordered seeds from Renee's Garden for several years now and have been very pleased with the unusual and exclusive varieties she sells.

Here's a list of the seeds I've ordered for this year, along with my comments as to why I selected them:

Pole beans: 'French Gold' filet (I'll devote a portion of my pole bean arbor to growing these, just for some variety in color and texture)
Carrots: Nantes 'Starica' (these sound like an excellent all-around carrot and since we just bought a juicer, I like how this carrot is supposed to be excellent for juicing)
Chard: 'Pot of Gold' (I like how all of the seeds will produce beautiful chard plants with golden stems and veins; it'll look beautiful on the dinner plate! This is also supposed to grow well in containers)
Lettuce, Bibb: 'Patty's Choice' (both the photos and the description grabbed my attention. How can you pass up a description like this? "Fast-growing heavy rosettes of frilled crispy green leaves edged in radiant burgundy-red." Wow.)
Pea, Shelling: 'Sabre' (I like how these are short vines with well-filled pods)
Pepper, Italian: 'Sweet 'Sunset Mix' (this heirloom caught my eye, and my taste buds)
Squash, Bush: 'Yellow Scallop' (Another heirloom that will look pretty both in the garden and on the plate; I like the more compact growth habit)
Squash, Sweet Winter: 'Delicata' (I am crazy about this winter squash; they are easy to grow and prolific; I've had better luck with Delicata than I have with Butternut so am tickled that Renee's is offering a whole packet of just the Delicata seeds this year)

Basil: 'Italian Pesto' (here's another one that is making my mouth water! It says it has a zesty flavor for making intense pesto)

Cardinal Climber Vine: (this is an heirloom with beautiful red flowers that will attract hummingbirds; I'll probably plant a few on the bean arbor so they have a good support system)
Larkspur: 'Singing the Blues (I like the colors in this mix; looks like I can sow them right into the garden bed)
Sweet Pea: 'Electric Blue' (check this one out, love the plant's growth habit and color)
Sweet Pea: 'Perfume Delight' (a lot of the newer varieties have lost their scent so I chose this one specifically for its fragrant
Sunflower, giant: 'Titan' (This heirloom can grow from 12-14 feet in height; I just thought that would be cool!)
Zinnia: 'Berry Basket' (I've been a zinnia-lover all my life; they make great cutflowers and I've had great luck with the unusual varieties sold by Renee's)
Zinnia: 'Granny's Bouquet' (The variety of flower colors in this heirloom really caught my eye)

OK, now you've had a sneak peek into what's going in my garden this year. Take a few minutes to look through the online Renee's Garden seed catalog. I guarantee you will be inspired and excited by the time you're done! Isn't it fun dreaming and planning this time of year?

The photos above are courtesy of Renee's Garden. First photo: 'Yellow Scallop' bush squash. Second photo: 'Ortolana di Faenza' zucchini squash. Third photo: 'Granny's Bouquet' Zinnias.