Flower Show reports: Cool containers

Here are some photos of containers at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show that I visited last week in Seattle. They're just to give you some ideas and inspiration for this year's garden season.

What I like about pot #1 is the unusual plant combinations. It looks like you could force some bulbs indoors, grab a houseplant with interesting foliage, an ornamental grass or two and voila! A nice accent container.

Pot #2 is attractive for a couple of reasons: first, it just has purple sage and primroses planted in it but what a neat color combination that makes. And second, I like how they set the pot onto a chunk of birch. Nice way to display it, don't you think?

Pot #3 has hellebores, daffodils, ferns and primroses growing in it. The moss covering the potting soil looks very natural and gives a finished look and you can't go wrong with a chartreuse planter!

Pot #4 shouts spring to me: the primroses, dianthus and hellebore make an eye-catching statement. Is this one perky or what?