Spring has sprung

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone! Did you think it would never get here? We have such a rainy day today but that's OK because we can sure use the moisture.

Over the weekend, I was able to get some flower beds tidied up and we have almost all of our trees (fruit and ornamental) pruned. It's always nice to make progress, isn't it? Now I guess I'll have to wait until it dries out a bit before resuming my clean-up chores.

Indoors, I have started some veggie seeds which is always exciting. I planted artichoke, tomato, pepper and celery seeds and they are sitting under a plant light. Only the artichokes and tomatoes are up so far, though.

The flowers you're looking at above are red Pasqueflowers (Pulsatilla rubra) from last spring. I can see the plants are up but they probably won't bloom for another 2 weeks or so. They're one of my favorite early-season perennials.