Artichoke plants overwintered

I realize the top photo isn't very interesting-looking but it is significant nonetheless:

We just discovered that some of our artichoke plants have overwintered! That is amazing since they have to be grown as annuals here in the Inland Northwest. This is only our third year of growing them but this has never happened before. I'm guessing they pulled it off courtesy of our rather mild winter. We didn't put mulch on them or give them any other form of protection, so it came as quite a surprise to see new leaves sprouting.

And speaking of artichokes, I suppose it's ironic that the artichokes I started from seeds a few weeks ago are also doing particularly well. (see bottom photo) My husband Bill and I are talking about creating an extra bed in our veggie garden so there's room for all of the plants that I've been growing indoors. I just transplanted the artichoke seedlings into quart-size yogurt containers today.