Travels: Plant photos from Hawaii

Aloha! I've just returned from a lovely trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. As you can imagine, I saw an incredible diversity of tropical plants so I took a lot of photos.

I've put together an online album of the best of them for you. Here is the link to the album, which is on Shutterfly. Don't worry, you won't be under any obligation to purchase anything; it's just a great way for me to share my photos. I wish I'd been able to take my big digital SLR camera along to get more detail but I didn't want to lug it around so all of the photos were taken with my little Canon camera. I think it did a good job for me, though.

Some of the photos were taken either on the grounds of the condo where I stayed or while walking down the road to a snorkeling area. I also went to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, which is located a few miles north of Hilo, and it was amazing!

Even though this garden is fairly new, you would never know it. There were so many plants to see and most of them were blooming. One of the garden caretakers told me that in about a month, the flowers would be at their peak. I can't imagine them looking any lovelier, but wouldn't that be something to see! If you head to the Big Island sometime, this garden is a must-see so be sure to put it on your list. You can learn more about the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden by clicking here.

There are also photos from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Akatsuka Orchid Gardens included in the album. Enjoy!