Gardening segments on KHQ-TV

I thought you'd be interested to know that KHQ-TV has started up a series of gardening segments with meteorologist Amy Rose, called "Rose's Garden." There is a really nice raised bed on the grounds of KHQ's downtown station, in which she'll grow veggies and flowers.

Each week, there will be a WSU/Spokane County Master Gardener on hand to give Amy the information she needs to have a successful garden. This week has been my week to work with her.

On Monday morning, I met with Amy at Tall Grass Farms in the Medical Lake area to help her with vegetable plant selections. That segment ran on KHQ early Tuesday morning.

This Saturday, May 18, we'll be doing a live segment in which I'll help Amy with the planting of the veggies. It should air between 9:30 and 10 a.m. on channel 6.

To learn more about this project, go to Rose's Garden on KHQ's web site. They have a few videos on the page so far, which I'm sure will be added to as the season progresses.