June 23 column

Here is a link to my column in today's edition of The Spokesman-Review: After several tries, Knoell masters watering system. In it, I profile Master Gardener Joni Knoell's efforts to set up a drip-irrigation system in her landscape.

In addition to watering her beautiful vegetable garden, Joni's hanging baskets and flower garden are watered automatically so she can focus her energy on doing the more enjoyable aspects of gardening. She did a wonderful job researching the various systems and finding the materials that would best suit her needs. Joni even has plants in her greenhouse set up on a drip system! (and isn't her greenhouse to die for? She told me it was a Costco kit and is really happy with it)

In the 3rd photo, you are looking at her salad greens growing under a tunnel of floating row cover. This keeps them shaded and cool since they don't like hot growing conditions. Very ingenious.

The other thing I wanted to point out is how she has heavy-duty landscape fabric covering the pathways in her garden. That reduces the area she has to weed and keeps her shoes clean while she's out in the garden. Remember that you can click on any photo to view a larger image.

Thank you, Joni, for sharing your gardening know-how with us!