June 30 column

Here is a link to my column in today's edition of The Spokesman-Review: More raised beds allow for new veggie varieties. It is an update on how our veggie garden is coming along, which includes news about how we expanded it this spring and replaced our old soaker hoses with a new drip-irrigation system.

You know how I'm crazy about raised bed gardening? Well, we now have a total of 26 raised beds! Three of them were part of the expansion project and are 4' wide x 16' long. I love having more room for growing veggies. I'm growing tomatoes, winter squash and corn in these beds and intend to rotate them each year. They should work out great. I'll write more about the new drip-irrigation system in an upcoming post.

We also added in two rows of thornless blackberries, two rows of seedless grapes and one row of currants. There will be a lot of good eating to be had this summer and in summers to come!