Product review: Rescue! Fly Tape

My husband Bill and I live in a rural area. Because our neighbors board horses, we tend to be visited by a lot of annoying flies during the warmer months.

One area that always has flies in it is our garage. Up until now, you would always see a bunch of them buzzing around in there. But not anymore!

The Rescue! company -- which is based in the Spokane area and is best known as the maker of those yellowjacket traps -- has come to our rescue. One of their new products is the fly tape that takes advantage of their Visi-Lure technology (see top photo).

What's that, you ask? It's a brightly colored and patterned fly tape that actually attracts the flies to it, then they get stuck on the adhesive. The fly tape does not have any odor, doesn't contain any pesticides and is made in the U.S.

OK, back to my garage story: Bill hung two of the fly tapes in our garage. Within about two days, there were a bunch of flies stuck to the tape and --here's the most amazing part -- there is not a single fly to be found in our garage now! That's definitely a first.

So I'm impressed with this fly tape. I did a search to see which retailers sell it in the Spokane area and found it at Fred Meyer and Home Depot.

Rescue! also makes disposable fly traps, which we've used as well, and they work great. So it's just a matter of where you need to place some type of fly trap. We hang a disposable fly trap in a corner of our dog kennel or use it for other outdoor settings.

On the other hand, the fly tape doesn't look bad at all. It's not those sticky brown fly tapes like our mothers and grandmothers used many years ago. There is a turquoise and green pattern on it, so it would look OK hanging indoors (see 2nd photo) or in outdoor living areas like porches, decks and patios.

The above photos are courtesy of the Rescue! company.