Celery and artichoke update

I thought you might like to see how the celery and artichoke plants are doing in my garden these days.

The 'Tango' celery is looking a lot better. The leaves are much greener than they were when the weather was  so chilly and there are all sorts of stalks on each plant now. I've never grown celery before but thought it would be fun to try them. You don't have to do anything special to them, just grow them during the warm part of the season and give them regular water.

We now have 7 artichokes on 2 of the plants that over-wintered. Boy, did they ever have a head start over the artichoke plants I started from seed early this spring! We're going to harvest some tomorrow and are anticipating good production this year. I'm growing 'Green Globe' (the ones that over-wintered) and 'Imperial Star' which is a new variety to me. It is supposed to be more productive than Green Globe but might have smaller artichokes. You can click on either photo to view a larger image.

I hope your garden is doing great and that it has been tolerating the heat OK.