Sept. 8 column

Here is a link to my column in today's edition of The Spokesman-Review: Full moon fever. It is about local Master Gardener Rose Jacobus, who has created her own moon garden, which is a garden planted with white-flowering plants so they can be viewed in the moonlight.

I had profiled Rose two years ago, mainly focusing on her overall landscape and gardening techniques but was intrigued with the concept of a moon garden. So I figured it was time to check back with her to see how it was coming along and to talk about the types of plants one might choose for such a garden. I hope you will enjoy reading about Rose. She's an awesome lady who is a fantastic gardener!

That's Rose to the right, with "George" the cat. And that lovely Oriental lily above is 'White Stargazer.' It would be an excellent choice for a moon garden because, in addition to its white flowers, it has an exotic scent.

NOTE: There was a small mistake in my column today which was my fault. In the plant list that accompanied the story, I incorrectly noted that Lamb's Ears are an annual. I know darned well they are a perennial so am not sure what happened but just wanted to clarify that in case I caused any confusion. I apologize for the error.