Travel article on River Cruise

If you frequently visit this blog, you know that my husband Bill and I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Europe. Part of our trip was an 8-day Viking River Cruise down the Rhine River.

I wrote a travel article for today's edition of The Spokesman-Review about that cruise as I know there are a lot of folks who receive Viking's mailings and are intrigued. But there are a lot of unknowns if you've never been on a river cruise so that's why I wrote the article. Here is a direct link to it on The Spokesman-Review's website, Cruising the Rhine. Four of my photos ran with the story, which you can view by clicking on the "all photos" link beneath the first photo.

I hope you'll enjoy the article and if you have any questions, just drop me a note at

Also, if you are new to this blog, you'll notice I've written a lot of little travel stories below about the gardens we visited and/or garden-related items I saw on the trip.