Travel stories: Gardens in Europe, part 11

After spending three days in Basel, Switzerland, we took a flight to London. We didn't have much time there, just a few hours to stretch our legs before our long flight to Seattle and final hop to Spokane. But we certainly made the most of our time and got plenty of exercise in the process!

We decided to visit Kensington Gardens, which are a part of the palace there. As you can see, the gardens are just beautiful: very formal with attractive water features. There were several gardeners there who were busily setting in plants in some of the formal beds. 

I was tickled enough to have seen the gardens but then we noticed a sign indicating that Kensington Palace was open to the public. Why not, we thought? So we wandered through the castle and it was just beautiful. They had an interesting exhibit on Queen Victoria, including many of her writings over her long reign, the outfits she and Prince Albert wore, and so on. 

There was also a "Fashion Rules" exhibit showcasing many of the gowns worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and Princess Margaret. It was quite a fascinating tour over all. 

The tickets were a bit pricey at 15 pounds per person (approximately $24) but we got there just as the main doors were opening so there wasn't a queue to get in. It was just meant to be! Oh, and perhaps I should mention that they had a really cool gift shop that was combined with a cafe if you were feeling a bit peckish after the tour. If you would like to learn more about Kensington Palace and the exhibits, click here

I hope you enjoy the photos from our visit to the palace and gardens. Tomorrow, we continue our crazy, quick London visit by walking to the Chelsea district to see a really cool garden center and the Chelsea Physic Garden! What in the world is a "physic" garden? Stay tuned...