Catalog profile #3: Territorial Seed Company

Business name: Territorial Seed Company
Location: P.O. Box 158, Cottage Grove, OR 97424-0061
Phone number: (800) 626-0866

Products carried: Vegetable seeds and plants; flower and herb seeds; fruit plants; organic seeds and products; garden tools and books; raised bed and container kits; seed-starting supplies; growing light set-ups; differently-colored mulches for best plant performance; and organic pest control products.

It's always nice to profile a company from the Pacific Northwest. Here are some new vegetable and seed varieties, as well as some products, that I felt you'd like to know about:

'Half Pint' Shelling Pea _ This is a variety that would do well in a container. It's also known as 'Tom Thumb' and the heirloom variety growing only 6-8" tall. It just takes 50 days to harvest.

Grafted vegetable plants _ This includes tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. But what's particularly of interest is that they have grafted double tomatoes! That means two varieties grafted onto a single rootstock. Wow. One plant has Brandywine and Cherokee Purple grafted together, and the other is a combination of Sungold and Sweet Million cherry tomatoes. That's definitely new for this year.

'Capitano' bush beans _ These are a yellow Romano (Italian-style) bean that mature in 62 days. The plants are supposed to be heavily covered with flavorful pods.

'Purple Haze' carrots _ These are just plain cool-looking carrots! Purple on the outside, orange on the inside. Touted to be sweet and crunchy, the carrots will grow 10-12" long and can be harvested in 70 days.

'Bush Pickle' cucumber _ These guys will develop on bush-style plants instead of long vines that eat up a lot of room in your garden. The cucumbers reach 5" in length and the plants provide a large yield. Mature in 45 to 50 days.

Kale _ If you love kale, you'll be interested to know that Territorial sells 10 different varieties in all shapes, colors and textures.

Butterhead lettuce _ They also offer 14 different cultivars of one of my favorite types of lettuce for salads.

'Violetta' Pac Choi _ I like the unusual color of this variety, which can be harvested as baby greens in a mere 30 days or in 50 days as heads of Pac Choi.

Northern varieties of onion plants _ I've been growing long-day onion plants for the past few years. They grow so much better and larger than onions from sets and onions that aren't suited for our long days. Territorial has 10 varieties that are perfect for this region.

Seed Potatoes _ They also sell organic seed potatoes, both standard size and fingerlings.

'Fortune' summer squash _ This is a yellow straightneck squash (rather than crookneck) that majors in 39 days. Amazing. The best size to harvest them is 6-7" in length and the plants are said to be very productive.

Swiss Chard _ Territorial Seed sells seven different varieties of Swiss Chard seeds. I'll write more about this topic later but I recently learned that the hardiest varieties tend to have green leaves/stems, followed by gold, pink, magenta and red types (Mother Earth News, early fall 2013 issue). So this would give you the opportunity to select some of the hardiest types for your garden.

Cover crops _ These are great for returning organic matter into your soil. Territorial has a wide variety of cover crop seeds available in different size packages.

'Floristan' Sunflowers _ Here's a beautiful burgundy-colored sunflower produced on 3'-tall plants. They also have many other beautiful varieties to light up your garden!

Zinnia seeds _ They have a nice selection of seeds including my all-time favorites from the Zahara and Profusion series, each in many colors.

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