Catalog profiles coming

Now that the holidays are wrapping up, I wanted to let you know that I'll be starting a new series on this blog that you will hopefully find of interest.

As a member of the Garden Writers Association, I receive a lot of mail-order catalogs from seed suppliers, nurseries and gardening-related companies. Many of them are from businesses that you've perhaps never heard of. Or you might be new to gardening and interested in learning about some helpful suppliers to help you get started.

Beginning tomorrow, I will write profiles of some of them, with the intent of providing you with the contact information, types of products each company offers, and draw your attention to interesting and/or cool new products or plant cultivars that have caught my eye.

I obviously won't have the time to cover all of the garden suppliers out there because there are literally hundreds of them! But if you are interested in seeing a comprehensive list of mail-order gardening catalogs and businesses, just click here. It's a bit overwhelming (20 pages long) but also fun to see if there are specialty catalogs that will meet your specific needs. I'm not certain if every single catalog is mentioned, however. Some businesses only have an online presence and I intend to include some of them as well so be sure to look for them, too.

One last note: other than giving my input on new cultivars or products of interest, this is going to be an objective look at each catalog. I am not being paid for, or receiving products in exchange for mentioning any particular companies. As a member of Garden Writers Association, I occasionally do have the opportunity to test a product or try out some seeds but none of that will have a bearing on which catalogs I profile, the order they are profiled in and so on. Rest assured that I am very honest and fair!