Catalog profile #5: Botanical Interests

Business name: Botanical Interests
Location: 660  Compton St., Broomfield, CO 80020
Phone number: (877) 821-4340

Products carried: Vegetable, herb, flower and sprouting seeds. The majority of the seeds they offer are certified organic.

I've bought their seeds at garden centers like Northwest Seed & Pet. The illustrations on the packets are beautifully done and both the back and inside of the packet contain detailed planting and growing information. Here are some seeds that would be great to try this year:

'Painted Hill' sweet corn (multi-colored) _ The ears on this corn are really pretty due to all of the different kernel colors. They mature in 70 days. What really caught my attention is that they are cold-tolerant so would work well in our northern climate.

'Persian Baby' cucumbers _ The cucumbers ripen in a mere 48 days, which is impressive. They are described as "snack size, seedless, thin-skinned and non-bitter."

'Valentine' mesclun lettuce _ This is a mix of 7 different lettuces and includes many that have burgundy leaves. You can start picking the leaves in just 21 days.

'Red Burgundy' okra _ I'm not a huge fan of okra but I do know there are a lot of folks in the Inland Northwest who love okra and want to try growing it here. This variety matures in 60-65 days, but what's really cool is that the okra themselves are a deep burgundy in color. They are touted as being ideal for cooler climates like ours.

Ornamental Eggplant Pumpkin on a Stick _ Huh? Be the first in your neighborhood to grow this oddity. The fruits look like small pumpkins but it's actually an eggplant. They will mature 75 days after being planted in your garden. Many folks use them in floral arrangements.

Large Packet Flower Mixes _ They sell 12 different packets of floral mixes. Two examples are a combination of flowers that attract butterflies and another mix that does well in a shady spot. Prices range from $3.99 to $5.99 which seems reasonable.

'Pixie Delight' Lupine _ This is an heirloom plant grown as an annual that produces a wealth of flower stalks. Plants grow 12 to 18 inches tall.

Sweet Peas _ They offer 15 different varieties of sweet peas. Some are heirlooms and most have wonderful scents.

'Summer Solstice' zinnia _ I know I go on and on about how much I love zinnias but here's another one that I think is very cool. The plants have a mounding growth habit and are covered with yellow and pale orange flowers. They will attract butterflies and grow 12 inches tall.

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