Catalog profile #7: Irish Eyes Garden Seed

Business name: Irish Eyes Garden Seed
Location: 5045 Robinson Canyon Rd., Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone number: (509) 933-7150

Products carried: Organic seed potatoes, organic garlic, organic early-season vegetable seeds, flower seeds, growers supplies, books, strawberry plants, season extenders and organic fertilizers.

I'm always happy to promote a local company. Since they're located in Ellensburg, I know they carry seeds for vegetable crops that will produce well in the Inland Northwest. A friend of mine who has an organic market garden purchases his organic seed potatoes from Irish Eyes and has been really happy with their quality and performance. Most of Irish Eyes' seeds are organic, open-pollinated heirloom varieties.

Organic seed potatoes _ They have 21 different varieties of standard and fingerling potatoes.

'White Albino' beet _ I've never seen a white beet before. The catalog touts them as being non-staining like regular red beets. They mature more quickly than most varieties, in 50 days. (note: I was unable to locate this on their website but it was in their catalog, so I'm unsure whether it's available)

'Famosa' Savoy cabbage _ Savoy cabbage has the wrinkly leaves and are so attractive. This variety will mature in 70 days.

Garlic _ They carry 13 different varieties of seed garlic (bulbs) including 'Ellensburg Blue' which would be fun to try. They even have garlic accessories like a mini garlic grater, garlic press and terracota garlic bakers.

'Lolla Rossa Darkness' loose-leaf lettuce _ This ones a beauty with its red leaves and green base.

Long day onions _ I've mentioned this before but for growing the best and largest onions in the Inland Northwest, we should select long-day onion varieties. Irish Eyes sells 7 different cultivars.

Season extenders _ They sell floating row covers, plastic mulches, weed-block fabric and wall-o-waters for starting tomatoes in the garden early in the season.

Beneficial insects _ there are ladybugs, green lacewings, fly parasites, nematodes, wasps and praying mantis, to name a few.

Organic fertilizers _ These are broken down by the nutrients they are high in, so there are nitrogen fertilizers, phosphorus fertilizers and potassium fertilizers.