Catalog profile #8: Uprising Seeds

Business name: Uprising Seeds
Location: 2208 Iron St., Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone number: (360) 778-3749

Products carried: Vegetable, flower and grain seeds, seed garlic, mushroom-growing kits and garden books.

Here's another local seed company worth checking into. All of their seeds are open-pollinated and organic. They refuse to carry any genetically-engineered seeds. One thing I particularly like is that they list all of their seed providers up front as well as listing the farm that produced each type of seed. Here are a few items that have gotten my attention:

'Feuer Kugel' beets _ This variety has performed well in beet trials and they sound like good producers for the home and market garden.

'Nash's Nantes' carrots _ This variety is touted as an "excellent, blunt-tipped Nantes-type with strong tops and deep flavor and color." Sounds like a winner to me!

'Diamond' eggplant _ Eggplants don't always do well in the Northwest but 'Diamond' sounds like it should be very prolific and worth trying out.

'Flashy Butter Oak' lettuce _ This is a speckled oakleaf lettuce that will produce large, dense heads. Should be pretty and tasty.

'Flashy Trout's Back' lettuce _ This is a green Romaine-style lettuce that has burgundy-red speckles on it and is considered quite tender.

'Costata Romanesco' zucchini _ My all-time favorite zucchini is the Romanesco type. It's tender and flavorful. Once you try this type, you won't go back to other zucchini varieties!

'Sweet REBA' bush acorn squash _ I don't always have good luck growing the vining type of acorn squash. This one is bush-style which would take up less room in the garden and it is supposed to be very productive. Worth a try.

Herbs _ They have an impressive selection of herb seeds you might want to check out.

Mushroom kits _ My husband and I have done this before and it's great fun. Prices seem reasonable to me.

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