Garden show reports: Sedum tiles

Here's another cool product I saw at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show last week: Sedum tiles.

What in the world is a sedum tile? Well, the Etera company has created 15" x 20" sheets of different types of sedums (succulents) that gardeners can use for vertical succulent gardens, for ground covers and for plantings around stepping stones.

They can also be used for "green" roofs on homes or garden sheds and for plantings around the bases of trees.

As you probably already know, sedums are really tough little plants that need a minimal amount of care.

The sedum tiles will be available at Lowe's and Home Depot this year. Etera has developed four different succulent mixes: Color Max, Shade Mix, Tuff Stuff and All Seasons.

At the garden show, I saw a lot of vertical succulent gardens created with plants from the sedum tiles as well as in between the stones in a walkway. There was even a succulent-covered pergola. Very cool!

For more information on the sedum tiles, visit Etera's website. And for more information about vertical succulent gardens, here is a link to the feature story I wrote on vertical succulent gardens last season plus additional information I didn't have room to include with my article: Vertical transformation.