Fairy gardens

Did you know that fairy gardens -- or miniature gardens as they're sometimes called -- are one of the hottest gardening trends around?

That's where you create a tiny garden within some sort of planting container. They might include a little cottage with surrounding lawn and miniature picket fence, or a scene with fairies, or a tiny garden bench. The possibilities are endless.

Fairy gardens are generally made for children to enjoy but they're very popular with the "big kids" as well.

While I was down in Richland, Wash., last month, I had the pleasure of visiting Beaver Bark, which is one of the nicest garden centers I've ever been in. In addition to having a huge selection of all types of plants, water garden supplies, home decor and bird feeders, I stumbled across several cute fairy gardens in their container department. I was amazed by all of the miniature supplies they carried.

All of these photos were taken at Beaver Bark. If you're ever in Richland, be sure to make a trip there, no matter what you're looking for!

If you are curious about fairy gardening, here are some links that might be helpful: