Garden travels: Hershey Gardens

Today begins my series of travel tales from visiting several beautiful public gardens in the state of Pennsylvania. Since I posted a quick video from Hershey Gardens yesterday as a little announcement of what was to come, I thought I'd start with photos from Hershey.

That wasn't actually the first garden we visited but that's OK. I'll catch you up on the sequence of events as we go along!

Hershey Gardens is located in Hershey, PA -- yup, the same place where all of those delightful chocolates come from. While it would've been fun to tour the factory and sample chocolate treats, I'd seen photos from the gardens and just knew I had to see them. It's located just off highway 422, at 170 Hotel Rd. The gardens are open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning in April each year. Their web address is

Here are some photos to enjoy. You can click on any of them for an enlarged view. And if you're enjoying what you're seeing, please become a member so you can enjoy this blog on a regular basis! It's free and painless. Thanks.  :o)

One of my favorite places was the Butterfly House. Look at some of the beauties I saw:

Zebra Longwing

Common Buckeye