Garden travels: Chanticleer Garden, part 1

The last public garden we visited in Pennsylvania was Chanticleer Garden, which is located about 30 minutes northwest of Philadelphia. It far exceeded my expectations! The garden is on 47 acres but only 35 acres are open to the public. They have a one-mile walkway around and through the garden that was pretty easy to navigate.

I just loved all of the beautiful sights along the way... the Asian woods, teacup garden, vegetable garden, ruin garden, tennis court garden and so on. Everywhere you look, there is something surprising and delightful to see.

I've divided up the photos from Chanticleer in two parts; refer to part two below for the next batch. Remember that you can click on any photo to view a larger image.

To learn more about Chanticleer, visit their website.

Teacup garden