Product review: Cobra Head Weeder & Cultivator

While attending the trade show at the Garden Writers Symposium, I talked with a gentleman demonstrating the short-handled Cobra Head Weeder & Cultivator. At the time, it looked like it could be a useful hand tool but I always make a point of trying a product before recommending it to you.

I've since tried it under different conditions and have to say it is very handy. The types of garden tasks I've used it for include weeding; loosening the soil and forming a furrow prior to planting seeds; edging along a path; and the most recent thing I've used it for was digging potatoes.

If you've ever dug potatoes, you know how risky it is to use most tools because they cut into the potatoes before you realize it. With the Cobra Head, I carefully worked my way around the spuds to lift them out of the soil and rarely damaged them (only when I got carried away!). The tools are very maneuverable, which is great.

The handle is comfortable to hold onto. I'm a lefty and can see where it easily would work for both "my kind" and the righties of the world. The narrow head makes it pass through the soil very easily. That's a big deal to me because whenever I meet a lot of resistance, that tires me out very quickly.

It's lightweight but sturdy and very durable. They retail for about $25 and are available at garden centers and online. If you purchase them directly from Cobra Head, shipping is free.

They also make a long-handled tool; I haven't tried it but wanted you to know it is an option as well.

The tools are guaranteed for a year and they're made in the USA. Pretty hard to beat that! For more information and to read other reviews of the tool, go to the Cobra Head website.