Book signings with Susan Mulvihill and Pat Munts

As you've probably heard, I've co-authored a book with my friend and colleague, Pat Munts. Pat writes garden columns for The Spokesman-Review's "Voice" section on Thursdays.

The book is "Northwest Gardener's Handbook," published by Cool Springs Press. The subtitle is "Your Complete Guide: Select, Plan, Plant, Maintain, Problem-Solve" and it covers all of Washington and Oregon, northernmost California and southern British Columbia.

We put a great deal of effort into covering the various regions and the challenges gardeners face in each. There is a lot of information that is very specific to gardening in the Inland Northwest. The book contains about 300 detailed plant profiles (which I wrote) and 89% of those plants will grow in this region!

Pat and I have three local book signings coming up:

We hope to see you at one of these signings and will let you know of others as the dates are finalized!