Overwintering geraniums

Last fall, I conducted an experiment: overwintering my geraniums.

You'd think that as a Master Gardener and plant enthusiast, I would already know how to do that. But, to be honest it's not something I'd ever tried before.

That is, until last October. I did some research and am delighted to report that it has gone even better than I could imagine.

I've filmed two videos on the subject and am including links to them on my YouTube channel:

1. How to Overwinter Geraniums: This one covers the basics and shows the two techniques I used.
2. Overwintering Geraniums, Part Two: This second video shows how to prepare your overwintered plants for potting up and getting them to grow.

If you're interested in seeing the blog updates I did, showing the plants' progress, here they are:

1. Overwintering geraniums: Two-month update
2. Overwintering geraniums: Three-month update

I hope this information will encourage you to try saving your geraniums at the end of this year's growing season!