Product review: Bottle-top Waterers

Photo courtesy of Lee Valley Tools.
A few years ago, a gardening friend of mine gave me a little package of bottle-top waterers. I'd never seen them at garden centers or online but I quickly grew very attached to them!

As you can see, they screw onto plastic pop bottles and are ideal for watering seed-starting flats, seedlings and houseplants.

Photo courtesy of Lee Valley Tools.
They come in a set of four, with different sizes of openings, which provides different types of spray patterns. Mine have held up very well so they're a good value. The waterers are made in the U.K.

Photo courtesy of Lee Valley Tools.
Now that I'm beginning my annual seed-starting routine, I love having a recycled pop bottle right next to the flats so I can can easily (and neatly) water everything. Once I move the seedlings out to my small greenhouse, I make sure I have another pop bottle on hand for watering them there.

I discovered the bottle-top waterers are sold by Lee Valley Tools for $5.95 and here is a direct link to their website. I have ordered products from Lee Valley before and have always been satisfied with the quality and their service.

Here is additional information on Lee Valley Tools:
Photo courtesy of Lee Valley Tools.
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