Susan's on Pinterest!

Do you use Pinterest? If you don't, you've probably heard of it but aren't sure what it is or how to use it.

Pinterest is a website where a person can create virtual bulletin boards (or view other folks' boards) of great ideas. You do have to sign in to Pinterest in order to view them, but there are no costs involved and no ads to distract you. You'll quickly find the boards and ideas on them are a feast for the eyes!

These virtual bulletin boards can be on all sorts of subjects: home decor, gardening, recipes, travel, fashion, crafts and so on. Maybe you used to (or still do) clip recipes and shove them into a binder. Well, this is the same idea, although the binder method can make it difficult to track down a specific recipe (I'm speaking from personal experience here!).

Several months ago, I decided it was time for me to get on Pinterest and create my own bulletin boards of ideas. Since then, I've been adding all sorts of "pins" (that's what you call a copy of someone else's idea from their bulletin boards) to mine. I had a few boards on Pinterest but they were chock-full of great ideas.

For example, I have a board called "Garden Travels" which is one of my favorites! I absolutely love to travel and especially love visiting public and private gardens. There are many places on this board that are on my bucket list, and many that I have already visited and highly recommend.

Last weekend, I realized that I really needed to organize my pins better so you can more easily find ideas for projects you might have in mind.

I've done that and now I have the following 13 boards:

I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest and enjoy the great ideas I've found for you! You can do this by going to my Pinterest page and becoming a follower. It's easy to do. Also, remember that on this blog, I always have a link to my Pinterest page in the upper right-hand column -- just look for my name with the little red "P" in front of it.