Geranium overwintering update

You'll recall I overwintered some geraniums for the first time ever this past winter. In early February, I filmed a video on how they did; at that time, I was getting ready to pot them up and put them in some sunshine.

Well, they have greened up beautifully and there are more leaves sprouting at many of the bud segments of each plant. Very exciting!

Directly above is what the plants looked like at the end of the video. Yes, they were a bit on the leggy side but I didn't want to trim them back until new leaves sprouted and the plants had a chance to conduct photosynthesis again after their long winter in the basement.

This morning, I finally felt comfortable with carefully trimming back the longest stems on each plant. I did have to leave a couple of longer them on the plants until they sprout a bit more but my overall goal is to produce compact, lush plants.

At right is here how they look now. I fed them with a half-strength solution of fish fertilizer to give them a little boost.

I even had a few new shoots on some of the stems I trimmed off so I decided to see if I could root them to produce 4 more plants.

I am so pleased with how my overwintering experiment turned out! I successfully overwintered 9 out of 9 plants.

I do hope this project has given you some courage to try overwintering your own geraniums at the end of this year's growing season. It's far easier than you might think!