Book Review: "DIY Succulents"

by Susan Mulvihill

Have you been bitten by the succulent craze yet? Ever since I started seeing vertical succulent gardens and stunning arrangements made with them, I find that anything made with succulents draws me in like a magnet!

Fortunately, there’s a new book out that caters to the crafty side of folks like you and me. “DIY Succulents,” written by Tawni Daigle, is packed with over 35 project ideas that showcase these marvelous plants.

As she writes, “Succulents are rising in popularity, and with good reason. Their beauty and resilience make them perfect for creating tasteful, sophisticated, long-lasting works of living art.”

In the first part of the book, she delves into the care of succulents. Even though they can seem pretty straightforward to grow, there are some tricks of the trade one should know for the best success.

Daigle discusses the many varieties available, including growth habits, hardiness zones and how most propagate. Each description is accompanied by an attractive photograph.

She’s careful to list the few types that can be harmful to children and pets. Daigle also details the best growing conditions and how to deal with any problems that might arise.

I particularly enjoyed learning how to propagate succulents in more ways than just repotting a “pup.”

The second part of the book is what crafty gardeners will particularly enjoy. For each project, the author lists the materials needed and goes step-by-step through the process. Then she explains how to care for the plants used in the project, which is very helpful.

What types of projects will you find in “DIY Succulents”? Household ideas include a home address plaque with a small attached succulent planter, a succulent kokedama (moss ball string garden), tiny terracotta pot magnets, and a stunning living wreath.

Then there are outdoor projects such as a succulent bird cage, vertical-framed garden, vertical pallet garden, and a birdhouse with a living succulent roof.

Daigle takes it a step further with a chapter on succulent accessories such as succulent-adorned headbands and a living necklace. There are even fun ways to use succulents for holiday decorations.

Tawni Daigle has thought of every imaginable use for succulents, both indoors and out. “DIY Succulents” is sure to get your creative juices flowing! With the holidays fast approaching, wouldn’t it make a great gift for your gardening and crafty friends?