Product Review: Water Right Garden Hose

Susan watering her winter garden, using the Garden Right hose.
You might be thinking that all garden hoses are the same, right? Nope! After hearing high praise for the Water Right garden hose from fellow garden writer Joe Lamp'l (host of "Growing a Greener World"), I decided I should investigate it further. After all, I know you appreciate hearing about great gardening products.

I'll be honest with you: this hose is expensive and I found myself wondering what would justify the price. It turns out there are plenty of reasons one would want to buy it and it is an example of the old adage, "you get what you pay for."

The first time I hooked it up to the faucet in my garden to do some hand-watering, I was already sold. The hose is incredibly lightweight. How many of you find it annoying to drag heavy hoses around your garden? As someone with cranky shoulders, I immediately noticed the difference and enjoyed how easy it was to move it around the edges of my raised beds.

The next thing I liked was how the hose didn't kink. Our heavy-duty hoses just love to kink at the most inconvenient times. What a difference the Water Right hose makes in that regard. It helps you get down to the business of watering, easily and quickly, instead of having to fight the hose.

Another detail I'm fully supportive of is that the hoses are made in the USA. I think it's important to buy U.S.-made products whenever you can, so here's a great reason to do that.

If that weren't enough, how about a hose that has a 5-year warranty? How many hoses do you know of with a guarantee like that?

Other features you should be aware of include that the hose stays flexible in hot, cold or freezing weather, and that the fittings are brass. I should also mention that the hoses come in cool colors. Other than your basic black, they have gun metal (brown), olive green and eggplant! You can make a fashion statement in your garden.  :o)

Now for the details: I tested a 50-foot 500 series 1/2" polyurethane hose. It retails for $79.95. You can learn more by going to the Water Right website, or by either calling (800) 796-5420 or emailing them.

You can also view the video Joe Lamp'l made after testing the hose at his farm near Atlanta.