Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

With the holidays fast approaching, you are probably trying to figure out what to give your family members and friends.

As someone who is passionate about gardening, I think I'm very easy to shop for: anything having to do with gardening or attracting birds to the garden, and I'm a happy camper!

I've assembled a gift guide for gardeners below, with items selected to both delight and accommodate any budget. To make it simple, all are available at Gardener's Supply. I've been a customer of theirs for years and love their products! Just looking through their catalogs is great fun. They carry everything you could imagine for gardening: tools, seed-starting supplies, planters, garden art, birdhouses and feeders, raised bed kits, plant supports and much more.

I have listed the following items from lowest to highest in cost. All of the photos below were graciously provided by Gardener's Supply. Remember that you can click on any photo to view a larger image of it. Each item has a link to more information on their website. (I am not receiving any benefit from listing these products, by the way.)

1. Nitrile Gloves _ You might think this is a very simple gift but what gardener wouldn't appreciate a comfortable pair or two of garden gloves? And the recipient can make a fashion statement while they're gardening because these gloves come in six different colors. Wouldn't coral, pink or green be fun? Nitrile gloves are great because they fit like, well, a glove! You can feel what you're doing while keeping your hands protected. Cost: $5.95 or $5.00 for two or more pairs.

2. Twine Gift Pack _ Twine is something we all can use in the garden (and for other tasks, for that matter). What makes this item special is that you get eight spools of twine in different colors. Again, it's your (or your recipient's) chance to bring some extra color to the garden! Cost: $9.95.

3. APS 24 Seed-Starting Kit _ I've used this kit for ages and it is fantastic. No worries about forgetting to water your seedlings because of the reservoir and water-wicking system. I can attest to the fact that my seed-starting skills improved dramatically once I started using the APS kits. A kit includes the planting tray, reservoir, capillary mat and greenhouse cover. Cost: $19.15. Other sizes are available as well.

4. Mixed Seed Globe Cage _ Gardeners and non-gardeners alike would love having a bird feeder like this! This feeder is both attractive and will keep the squirrels away from your seed. Cost: $29.95.

5. Edwardian Bird Feeder _This is another attractive bird feeder. Wouldn't it look lovely in your garden? This one also will keep squirrels and larger pest birds away from the seeds, which your feathered friends will appreciate. Cost: $39.95.

6. Viva Self-Watering Balcony Railing Planter _ No garden? No problem! These colorful pots rest on a balcony, bringing flowers and nature closer to you. I love the colors they come in: red, blue, black, white, purple and turquoise. And being self-watering containers means the plants will be non-stressed and you won't have to water as often. Cost: $39.95.

7. Garden Hod _ Here's something both useful and attractive. These garden hods make it easy to carry produce you've harvested from your garden. Because they have a wire bottom, you can easily rinse off your veggies before bringing them into the kitchen. The hods come in both small and large sizes. Cost: $44.95 to $49.95.

8. 3-Tube Finch Feeder _ This bird feeder is high on my wish list! ("Oh, honey...!") There are so many finches in our garden (my favorites are the Goldfinches). I know they would love having feeders with so many perches on them (24, to be precise!). This item will bring flocks of finches to your garden, too. Each feeder is 24" tall and holds a pound of niger thistle seed, a finch's favorite treat. Cost: $44.95.

9. GardenEase Kneeler _ Many of you probably remember that I have this kneeler and use it constantly in my garden. I wrote a review of it on this blog back in April after being so amazed by how comfortable it is for my knees. If you have sore, tired knees, you'll love this! The ergonomically-designed handles are easy on the wrists and make it a breeze to get up and down during gardening activities. Cost: $59.89 (note: it usually costs $69.95 but is on sale right now).

I hope this has given you some ideas for your shopping list... as well as items to put on your own wish list  (make sure Santa reads this). Happy holidays!