Product review: BGT tool

I don't know about you but weeding is definitely not my favorite gardening activity. Unfortunately, I have a large perennial bed out front that gets grass in it every year. Trying to tame it in the spring is an annual battle that I just dread. Usually, I'm a hand-puller of weeds which always results in very sore hands and a good case of tendinitis in my elbows.

However, I tried out a new tool for getting those grasses and weeds out of the bed yesterday and am very impressed with how quickly that task went.

It's called the "BGT" which stands for Basic Garden Tool. It was designed and developed by local resident Dave Kindred, and is assembled in the U.S. by "challenged workers and honored wounded warriors." That's pretty darned cool.

It's difficult to explain exactly what a BGT is, so here is their web site so you can see for yourself: It's essentially a type of open hoe with serrated edges that you can use to work around plants, slice tiny weeds off at ground level, dig up weeds or rocks, and so much more.

I really like how you can work in tight spaces with it, especially around established plants. If I were to use a regular shovel for this sort of job, it'd be really difficult to get in between the plants and I'd probably cause a lot of damage in the process.

The BGT is lightweight yet very sturdy. Mine has a pink blade which is a fun color and a nice way to honor those who are dealing with breast cancer.

The interesting thing is its warranty: "If a BGT fails to meet a clients satisfaction in any way, it can be returned for a replacement, or a refund if it's within 90 days of purchase." When speaking with Dave recently, he told me that no one has returned a tool yet which I think is a great indication of how pleased his customers have been.

Dave will be at the Garden Expo this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will be held at the Spokane Community College Lair building, 1810 N. Greene St. so that will give you a chance to see the tool in action and ask questions.

The BGT's retail for $41.90 to $49.90. If you aren't able to make it to Garden Expo, you can contact Dave Kindred directly at or (509) 868-7793.